Sea Mountain Way Of Massage

Treatments inspired from across the world.

Our treatments at Sacred Pools Spa for Couple's are a defined way of indulging in each other. Developed through Sea Mountain Inn Resorts and Spas, we inherited the secret touch, the spirit of relaxation. From California, inspired throughout the world and brought to Las Vegas, the Sea Mountain technique and flavor is like none other.

Our Licensed Therapists are able to feel your energy, your Chi, your Nephesh (the Hebrew life force) and renew your soul.  Detox your body with our Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club Deep Tissue or Swedish Massages and feel the truth of relaxation and peace.

Developed at Sea Mountain Beverly Hills and Malibu Sea Mountain – A soothing deluxe 60 or 90 minute therapeutic  massage done with two female therapists as you retreat side by side.  We specialize in the ultimate massage experience that you can share with the person you have come to Sea Mountain with. Deep Tissue, aromatherapy, Swedish all combined for total therapeutic satisfaction.  After your together Sea Mountain Tandem, drift in wave of bliss as you explore the wonders of the Sea Mountain pool and whirlpools and exciting areas of tranquil surrender. Today is Yours. Kiss the sky.