What to Expect During A Couple’s Massage

Treatment Together for Maximum Relaxation

Massage and Spa treatments are a luxury that cannot always be indulged. Some find true care for their bodies with regular treatment while some can go entire an entire lifetime without experiencing the benefits of body massage. Often times, when a couple's massage is performed, one of the two in the couple is weary of treatment because it is a new experience for them. Being together with your spouse can be a great way to get past this and allow yourself to truly relax.

When arriving to a couple's massage, you'll be introduced to the spas facilities and your therapists. We want you to feel comfortable and aware of your surroundings. You'll then together be escorted to your own private changing area where you'll disrobe to your comfort level and change into soft slippers and robes. During your body treatment, the therapists will have sheets to cover you to keep you comfortable. Some like to be completely undressed while others like to keep their under wear on. It is completely up to your and your spouse, but you can be assured of complete discretion and privacy.

Your therapists will work together providing the same strokes and techniques simultaneously to keep your energies in tune. Your treatment beds will be placed directly next to each other so that you feel the soft breath of your partner as you both relax. Once treatment is completed, you'll both re-dress into your robes and move into our aromatherapy showers where you'll have privacy to rinse your bodies and embrace together. Essential oils are steamed throughout the room to truly invigorate your senses. No others will be in sight or sound leaving only the two of you in peace.

The rest of your day will be sipping champagne in your private cabana and sharing a healthy lunch together pool-side at our beautiful Ocean Club Pools. Never will you be a part and never will you miss a moment. We promise comfort and privacy for the two of you to focus on each other.

Couple's massages are an amazing way to reconnect. Being together helps any discomfort and knowing your loved one is next to you will help you release all stress and forget all worries. No other experience in the world can compete with the connect power of a Couple's Spa where only the two of you matter and the rest of the world becomes second place.