A Unique Las Vegas Couple’s Spa

Sacred Pools Spa and Ocean Club - Packages

Setting us apart from Las Vegas Spas

There's no doubt that Las Vegas offers a plethora of spas ranging from the top spas in the world to your basic massage parlor - you'll never have a hard time finding a spa in Sin City. What you'll also find at all these spas are some of the highest prices you can find at a spa and lots of additional fees. If you're looking for a couple's massage, you'll be looking to pay even more sometimes upwards to $1000 for your basic packages.

We want to change all that for our romance seeking couples who just want to spend the day together. Romance and love in Las Vegas is easy to find, but we don't feel that it should cost you for we believe love has no cost and should not be taken advantage of. We've designed our packages for maximum togetherness and relaxation without a high price. Our treatment rooms are built two accommodate one couple so that they can be focused on the entire time. We carefully place our reservations to allow pure privacy for our couple - no others will be shuffling around while you reach your inner peace. Since we are able to focus on our couple's spa experience we are able to provide reasonable package prices all of which are priced for two.

Our packages are all-inclusive with no service or resort fees. Couple's Spa Days start at $289 all-inclusive for two, giving you and yours the entire day to spend together without breaking your bank. Comparing to the several hundred dollars other Las Vegas spas charge, you'll never be a part and still have cash for those slot machines or steak dinners.

If spending a bit of time together without the stress of cost, Sacred Pools Spa is the place for the two of you to relax the day away.