Learning About Aromatherapy

Learning About Aromatherapy Understanding how the wonderful scents of essential oils can help repair your mind and body are very important. Here is a wonderful article explaining the benefits of Aromatherapy from Web MD: https://www.webmd.com/balance/stress-management/aromatherapy-overview#1 If you need improvement in health problems from anxiety to poor sleep, you may want to consider aromatherapy. In this kind of treatment, you use… Continue reading Learning About Aromatherapy

Sea Mountain Way Of Massage

Our treatments at Sacred Pools Spa for Couple’s are a defined way of indulging in each other. Developed through Sea Mountain Inn Resorts and Spas, we inherited the secret touch, the spirit of relaxation. From California, inspired throughout the world and brought to Las Vegas, the Sea Mountain technique and flavor is like none other.… Continue reading Sea Mountain Way Of Massage